In a new reality competition, 18 strangers will be locked in Windsor Castle, a historic castle in England. At first, this may seem like a normal game of Big Brother, or even Survivor, but this is something different. Everything will change when the lights go out... Hosted by Crystal Cox and Kenny Hoang of Gabon.

A collab by Fire and Duke.


Aaron Barfield- The Television Lawyer

Ashleigh Morris- The Sneaky Socialite

Boris Smythe- The Dorky Dad

Candie Swanson- The Sweetheart Secretary

Corrine KaplanThe Cutthroat Strategist

Francesca HogiThe Misunderstood First Boot

Frita Hopkins- The Overlooked Talent

Gavin Sargeant- The Traumatized War Veteran

Julian Ellison- The Retired Football Coach

Kaleb PetersonThe Unexpected Homosexual

LaVodka Duke- The Miami Party Girl

Ozzy LusthThe Survivor Superman

Randy BaileyThe Bitter Elder

Stephenie ClarkeThe Selfish Golddigger

Sunshine BrooksThe Ironically Depressed Woman

Tio DolungoThe Kind Brazilian Man

Victoria McCallister- The Revenge Seeker

Wally Richards- The Elderly Therapist


Chapter 1 - "Intuition"Edit

The camera opened up on a black screen. From inside the depths of the darkness, a mysterious voice croaked, "The darkness. It's a mysterious place. You never know what's really lurking in the..." suddenly, the voice shrieked in pain, and a slapping sound was heard.

"Kenny, I was supposed to say that!" an African American woman yelled, "Whatchu thinking, boy?"

"Sorry," Kenny replied, "I like that intro. Can we turn on the lights?"

On command, the lights flickered on weakly, leaving the two hosts, Kenny Hoang and Crystal Cox, visibly standing in front of the camera. They were in a dimmed room, that looked old and rustic, like the dungeon of an ancient castle....which was exactly where they were.

"Welcome!" Crystal boomed, "To the first season of Total Lockdown! This is a new kind of reality competition show, where the contestants don't only have to worry about who's voting them out..."

"...but also what lurks in the dark!" Kenny interrupted, snickering. He began to stroll around, and the camera followed. "We're going to see what happens when we take 14 strangers, and have them live in this castle dungeon together," he explained, "Of course, there will be a few twists..."

Kenny screamed as Crystal lunged at him, knocking him down, and opening up a chance for Crystal to continue.

"The players will compete in challenges every three days," Crystal recovered, "and the winner of the challenge will win the prize of immunity and night-vision goggles. These goggles are especially valuable at night. See, every night at exactly 7:00, we release an unknown inside the castle throughout the night."

"Obviously, that's what I explained before you attacked me," said Kenny snidely. "Anyways, like I was saying, we have a few twists, including some returning players which will be revealed a little bit later, but for now, let's meet our brand new contestants, first up, LaVodka Duke!"

Suddenly, a limo pulled up to the enormous castle, and a tipsy, messy woman stepped out, carrying her bags and a glass of vodka. She glared at the two, and screamed, "What the hell you two staring at?!"

Elimination TableEdit

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