Chris McLean takes 22 brand new teens to a exotic island in Hawaii, called Oahu. They will be staying in an nice hotel, called the Volcano Inn. Team A will be placed on the first floor, while Team B on the second. They will have to compete in challenge such as hiking up a deady volcano, building sand castles, solving a mystery, and trivia contests. The team that loses must go to the Smoothie Ceremony of Losers, and the inhabitant that doesn't recieve a strawberry smoothie will be eliminated, and be forced to do the Hula Dance of Shame, and leave off of the Volcano-Flinger of Losers.



Chris McLean

Chef Hatchet

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Chapter 1: Aloha, Oahu!Edit

The screen pans over to Chris McLean sitting on a chair in a hut in Hawaii. He smiles at the camera and winks. "Welcome to Total Drama Oahu! This season, we've got twenty-two brand new contestants, we've completely rebooted the series!" Chris excitedly says as his blinding-white smile beamed into the cameraman's eye, causing him to fall into the ocean. "Anyways, we've got 22 new contestants in  a new exotic location - Oahu, where each episode, the teens will compete in challenges, and if your team loses, you will have to go to the Smoothie Ceremony, and if you don't receive a smoothie, you must perform the Hula Dance of Losers and be flung of the Volcano-Flinger of Losers. So stay tuned to meet our new contestants on: Total... Drama... Oahu!" 

~~Theme Song~~

The screen returns to Chris McLean, standing on a dock in Hawaii. "Alright, time to introduce our 22 new teenagers, and here comes the first one now!" 

The first bus arrives and a girl with a short, red dress walks off. She observes the island and asks, "I thought this was Total Drama? Isn't it supposed to be more gross?" 

"This season we're catering to the contestants' needs, Anabel, go over that way." Chris says, motioning to the other side of the dock.

"Well that is nice. I heard that you were a selfish host," Anabel says, dropping her bags. "But I guess I was wrong!"

"Well, you are the gossiper of the group." Chris says, now sounding irritated. "Now to introduce our next contestant, Stefano!"

The second bus arrives, and a Latino boy walks out wearing a shirt that is halfway unbuttoned. He winks at Anabel, who is wooed by him. "Hello, lovely lady," He says to her. She blushes and looks away.

"Yeah, once we found out he is the brother of Alejandro, we had to put him in. Speaking of Total Drama relatives, meet Frenchie!" says Chris, smiling.

The third bus arrives, and a short, African-American boy with an orange jacket is thrown out of the bus by the bus driver, who is revealed to be Izzy. He stands up, brushes his pants off, and looks around. "Wow, this sure is a nice island, Chris!" He says with a ton of enthusiasm. "Cameron told me you were a nasty host, but I guess he was wrong."

"Is he Cameron's twin?" Anabel asks. "God, Bella will not see that coming when I post that to Splashface!"

Frenchie sighs. "Yeah, I'm Cameron's younger brother. I didn't want anyone to find out because I thought it would make me a threat."

Stefano (CONF): This is the confessional? It's uh, nice. But Frenchie being Cameron's younger brother puts a target on his back, a target that I can take advantage of. 

Stefano walks up to Frenchie. "So, you're Cameron's brother?

Frenchie rubs his shoulder and nods. "Yeah, he won in his season, and he's rich."

Chris smiles at the next contestant. "This is.... Oriana!"

A girl with a blue tank-top and red hair walks out of the bus, and drops her bags. "Wait, where am I?" She asks, looking confused. 

"Woah, she is....beautiful," says Stefano. "Hello mi amiga, I'm Stefano."

"Oh, hi!" says Oriana happily. She drops her bags and smiles at Anabel. 

Anabel rolls her eyes. "Oh, yeah, hi." Stefano laughs. "Oh what? Can't deal with a little competition?"

"Of course I can, but I haven't seen any yet," Anabel scoffs. "I'm the hottest girl in the world, according to all the blogs!"

"Where they written by you?" Frenchie curiously asks, causing the others to laugh.

Anabel gasps. "As if, I'm too busy hanging out with my friends and posting pictures to Managram."

"Anyway," Chris says. "Time to meet our next contestant, Elijah!"

The next bus arrives, and a boy with black hair and braces is shown. He tosses his luggage onto the dock, and notices Oriana, and can't help but stare at her. The bus pulls away, and he is thrown onto the ground, causing everyone to laugh. 

"Elijah, nice entrance dude!" says Chris, high-fiving him. His hands becomes wet and he wipes it on his pants. "Uh yeah, there's your other competitors."

"This is everyone? There's only 5 contestants this season?" Elijah asks. 

The next bus arrives, and a girl with a turquoise tank top and red hair walks out. "Uh, obviously not, cause I'm bad, and I came to W-I-N, WIN!" She gloats. She sets her luggage down and walks towards the other contestants.

"Oh yeah, this is Sheila everyone!" says Chris.

"Oh yay, a ghetto girl, way to have a wide variety of a cast," Anabel sarcastically says. "On the other hand, that would make good gossip, I'll tweet about it!"

Sheila rolls up her sleeves and lunges towards Anabel. "What do you mean ghetto?! You're the one sitting here with a dress that is six inches long."

"For your information, it is nine, and it creates good gossip." Anabel states. "Plus, it gets the guys attention."

The next bus pulls up and a girl with a long, brown braid walks out and sighs. "Uh, this is pretty nice I guess. Better than District 12, I suppose."

"Hey, Mockingjay!" says Chris.

"Hey," Mockingjay replies. "Isn't Total Drama normally filmed at a gross and repulsive place?"

"Ooh Mockingjay, that sounds like a celebrity baby name. Plus, did you hear about what Angelica Jolie named her baby? Southeast, like, how tacky!" says Anabel.

"I think it is a very interesting name," says Frenchie. "I'm Frenchie, nice to meet you."

"Oh, thank you." says Mockingjay, with a brief smile.

The next contestant arrives, a boy with blonde hair and a red shirt walks out of the bus, and smiles at Mockingjay. "Hey Chris, it's great to be here," he says, shaking Chris' hand. He walks past him and walks up to Mockingjay. She looks severely irritated and mumbles, "Hi?"

"Hey, I'm Peeta." Peeta whispers. He sets his bags down and nods in Frenchie's direction. Frenchie runs up to him, but trips over a rock. Soon after he regains his balance, he says, "Wow, you seem really cool, I'm Frenchie!"

"Hey there," Peeta smiles.

Anabel runs up to Peeta. "Hey there, handsome." Mockingjay rolls her eyes and walks to Stefano. "Hey, I'm Mockingjay."

"Well hello Senorita, you are very beautiful." says Stefano, causing Mockingjay to blush. Peeta looks angrily at Stefano, and growls.

"Do you know her personally?" Frenchie asks Peeta. Peeta nods and says, "Yeah. We live in the same town, I've had the biggest crush on her."

"Well, I'll be sure to help you anyway I can, you seem like a great guy," Frenchie says. "Do you want to possibly be in an alliance if we're on the same team?"

Peeta grins. "Sure, sounds good to me."

'Peeta (CONF):' So this is the confessional, neat. Well, considering that Frenchie wants to be in a alliance with me, and he wants to help me get Mockingjay, I trust him 100%, plus he weighs like two pounds, the poor kid won't come after me. 

Mockingjay (CONF): Okay, so set things straight, I've liked Peeta forever, I just didn't think he noticed me. 

Anabel (CONF): Peeta is sooooo hot! I just need to get Mockingjay out of the way..maybe I could tell Peeta that she has lice?

"Time to meet the next contestant. Meet, Clayton!" says Chris, gazing at the boy on the bus. He walks off and smiles at the girls, causing them to woo. Oriana runs up and hugs him, "Oh my gosh, it's Twiblood star Clayton Mitt-Polie!"

"Hey there," he says, kissing Oriana on the cheek. "You're very pretty."

Stefano (CONF): Okay, he is stealing my strategy. He has got to go first.

Clayton walks up to Anabel. "Hey, there, I recognize you from our interview in 2011 about Twiblood 3: Manashine Stars."

Frenchie takes out a notepad. "Yeah, speaking of which, that was the best film, your portrayal is fantastic of Emmett Hinton, is the gossip of you dating Aryan "The Whale" Gries true?" 

Clayton, now looking annoyed, says, "It is called a publicity stunt."

"Isn't she the one from Small Sister 15 that made the racial slurs and then gained a substantial amount of weight and was called The Whale by her fellow houseguests?" Frenchie asks. Everyone laughs, including Clayton. "Yeah, she was definitely a hot mess on that show, I broke up with her because she left me for that show." Clayton whispers.

Anabel is shown listening to their conversation. "I knew it, wow, now that's a good scoop!" She presses the button on her phone, and reveals she recorded the entire conversation.  

"Oh.. that's nice," Mockingjay says. "Anyways, who's our next contestant?"

Mockingjay (CONF): Okay, so initially, I'd be severely mad that I'm here, but hey, this is actually a really nice island. Who knew.

"Welcome our next contestant, who loves to compete, Cato!" Chris says. 

The next bus arrives, and a boy with blonde hair and a blue t-shirt walks out. Sheila tries to get his attention, but he ignores her. He says, "You guys shouldn't have even show up, I'm gonna win for sure!"

Frenchie walks up to Cato and says, "Actually, pompous males almost always go before the merge, besides Lightning. I find their egos to be their biggest downfall, and it seems like you have a big one."

Cato picks up Frenchie by the hood on his hoodie. "What was that? I'm pretty sure my male dominance will make my team fear me. I'm the bet there is, and nobody is gonna come in my way."

"Glad you think so Cato," Chris says. "Say hello to Cato's stalker---I mean friend, Clove!"

The next bus arrives, and a girl with black, odd-shaped hair walks out. She glares at her competitors, besides Cato, who she greets with a hug. "Hey, Cato," she says. 

"Hey, Clove!" he responds. She looks away and blushes, causing Mockingjay to roll her eyes.

"Hey Cato, you're really strong, hehehehe!" says Oriana, squeezing his arms.

Clove growls at Oriana, causing her to back off. "Oh, sorry.." Oriana whispers, backing up into Frenchie.

"Hello, I'm Stefano, you're a very beautiful woman!" Stefano says to Clove, although she seems to be the least bit interested. She shoots him down. "Sorry Padre Pio, but I'm dating someone." She quickly says.

Anabel smirks. "Sorry sweetheart, but your teddy bear doesn't count." Clove glares at Anabel and says, "Oh, you're on of those girls."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Anabel fires back.

"It means you're the uptight annoying girls that thinks that everybody likes them, when in reality, nobody does, you're the most annoying thing on earth," Clove says. "Now, where do I get to sleep?"

"In the trailer park, where you belong," Anabel says. "The smell already fits, or is that just B.O.?"

Clove charges at Anabel, but is held back by Cato and Stefano. Chris looks at her and laughs, "Easy, Clove. Maybe the next contestant will soothe the tension. Everyone, meet Hilary and her butler, Chauncey."

"Her butler?" Clove says. "That's nothing, my mansion has a full team of butlers, we're soo much better than one."

The next bus arrives, and a girl with blonde hair and a tiara walks off with a butler. She observes her surroundings and asks, "This is it? The island is so... small." 

"Hilary, you can go join the other contestants over that-a-way, Chauncey, you can go join Chef and the interns," Chris says. "Nobody wanted to intern this season for some odd reason."

Hilary gasps, "What do you mean?! Chauncey is my servant, he is supposed to help ME, not these dweebs." 

"Wait.. weren't you on Keeping Up with the Kardashyans?" Anabel asks. "Ooh, that is a great scoop for Toad Beat!"

Hilary sets her bags down on Frenchie. "Ooh, sorry... But yeah, and you're the annoying paparazzi intern that constantly tries to break into their house, right?"

Anabel drops her phone in shock, and angrily says, "Did you just call me.... annoying?!"

Chris nervously backs away. "Uh.. time to meet the next contestant, rapper, Ludacris, and uptight girl Marissa!"

Marissa walks off the bus in anger, and shouts, "Who are you calling uptight! First I have to listen to this untalented lowlife rap about his nonexistent love life, and now I have to be accused of being annoying?!"

Ludacris walks off the bus and laughs, "Aye girl, you the one trippin' and bitchin' about yo brother and his bitches!"

Marissa smacks Ludacris. "For your information, my brother and his wife and my nieces and nephews are very vital to me, so you can go and make another album that flops."

"Oooh, owned!" says Cato. "Bro, it's not too wise to call a lady that," Stefano adds. 

"Yo, yo, yo, you need to calm down, you're gonna bring my face to a frown!" Ludacris raps. "I was only joking because I found my girlfriend twerking."

Marissa (CONF): How dare he insult me and my family, if he's on my team, he is done!

The next bus arrives, and Chris smiles, "These two boys are bound to have an epic feud; meet Christian and Edmond!"

The two boys are shown tumbling out of the bus fighting, and they land in a puddle of mudd. The blonde boy stands up and screams, "MY CLOTHES! YOU STUPID ASSHOLE, YOU'RE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!"

Edmond stands up. "I'm going to pay for this? I'm British royalty, you're the one going to regret touching royalty."

Christian rolls his eyes. "Oh please, we're in the U.S., England has no control over us anymore, they haven't for over 300 years, get over it!"

"You filthy sprag," says Edmond. "You'll definitely be going first if we share the same team."

"Ooh, drama, my favorite," says Chris. "Meet our next two contestants, Rain and Yetta!"  

The next bus arrives and drives into the ocean. The bus driver, later revealed to be Izzy, laughs ."Hahaha, sorry!"

The two girls swim to the shore and walk up to the dock. The girl with long, blonde hair and peace sign shirt yells, "Do you realize that we could've died with her driving?! Then who would've advocated for the wildlife in Brazil?" 

"Easy Rain, the animals would've survived." Chris says. "Yetta, you can join the others, that-a-way."

Yetta sets her luggage down, which is soaking wet. "Uh, thanks."

Cato smiles at Yetta and says, "Hey there, I'm Cato." 

Yetta blushes. "Hey, I'm Yetta! It's nice to meet you." 

Stefano (CONF): Okay, that boy is stealing my strategy. He needs to go early. 

Cato (CONF): Okay, so I'm not completely the arrogant jock. Yetta is extremely good looking. 

Rain walks over to the other contestants. "Hello everyone, I'm Rain. We must all band together to save the Brazilian wildlife!" 

The contestants look at each other in confusion. Finally, Christian speaks up. "Who cares about the Brazilian wildlife when you're rich and your parents are richer than rich."

"Who cares? I'm English royalty, that's certainly more important than being rich. I'm royalty, and rich." Edmond smirks. 

"Good for you two. Time to meet our next two contestants: Elijah and Serena!" says Chris. "A friendly guy and a supermodel, these two are good competitors this season!"

The next bus arrives, and a boy with black hair is quickly shoved off the bus to be followed by a beautiful, elegant African girl with long, black hair. She stares at the competitors and waves, and even catches Chris' attention.

"This is.....Serena," Chris smiles. "She's a teen supermodel." 

All of the boys are shown gazing in Serena's direction, except for Cato, who is still hung up on Yetta, making Clove angry. Clove runs up to him and whispers, "Oh please, she'll never be good enough for you. She's done the first chance I get."

Elijah gets up and brushes himself off. He walks over to Oriana and Serena and smiles, "Hi, I'm Elijah, but you can call me Eli!"

Oriana laughs. "Hey Eli, I'm Oriana!" He blushes and sets his bags down and walks over to Frenchie and Peeta. "Hey guys, what's up!?"

Frenchie and Peeta look at each other in confusion. Finally, Peeta says, "Uh, nothing much."

"Cool!" Elijah says, sounding somewhat forced.

"Uh.... enough with the awkward introductions. Meet the happy jock and the crabby goth, Jacoby and Sammy!" says Chris.

The next bus arrives, and a boy with a varsity jacket walks off the bus. He walks up to Chris and gives him a high-five. "Yo Chris, what's up!?"

Chris smiles and gives a high-five back. "Hey Jacoby, not much! Join the others that-a-way!"

"Cool, dude," Jacoby says, walking towards the others. "Hey, everybody!"

"Hey Jacoby, I'm Elijah!" Elijah says. "Okay, that kid is already annoying me," Cato whispers to Yetta. She laughs and says, "He is just trying to make friends!"

After a few minutes of interacting, Chris interrupted the contestants. "Time to meet our final contestant, Marvel!" 

The final bus arrives, and a boy with brown hair and a teal shirt walks off. He glares at his contestants and rolls his eyes. "You all shouldn't have even shown up. I'm physically the best and mentally the best."

"Oh, that boy is going to get on MY nerves!" Sheila exclaims.

"Who cares? Clayton is here!" Anabel says. "He's the best thing about this competition."

"Gurl, you really have no brains at all do you?" Sheila asks. "He's a celebrity. The only thing they care about is themselves." 

"Okay, now that we're all here, let's tour the island," Chris says. "With the help of our driver, Total Drama classic competitor, Heather!"

"Please, my contract said tour only, and then I have a one-way plane ticket back to Beverly Hills, got that?" says Heather.

"Okay, everyone get in the go-carts!" says Chris, pointing to a green, broken-down go-cart. 

One by one, the contestants shuffle into the go-cart, which had five rows of five. Row one contained Cato, Clove, Christian, Jacoby, and Yetta. Row two contained Anabel, Clayton, Oriana, Rain, and Stefano. Row three had Edmond, Frenchie, Hilary, Mockingjay, and Peeta. Row four had Elijah, Ludacris, Marvel, Marissa, and Sammy. The back row had only Serena and Sheila. After the contestants and Chris pile in, Heather begins talking. "Now, this season you are on the island of Oahu, which is a surprisingly great location, and even more surprising, not disgusting. I mean seriously, this is Total Drama, you'd think it'd be in some gross summer camp."

The go-cart stops at the bottom of the volcano. Heather rolls her eyes and says, "This is where the Smoothie Ceremony will take place. If you don't receive a smoothie, which for some foolish reason represents safety, you must do the Hula Dance of Shame, and leave off of the Volcano Flinger of Losers." 

"Ain't nobody got time to do no Hula Dance of Shame, except maybe Anabel, all she does is blog about celebrities." Sheila smirks.

"At least my hair is real and not abnormal. Your weave is as fake as Sharknado. Except your weave probably has a bigger budget." Anabel retorts. 

"I like her, she reminds me of me at Camp Wawanakwa with Leshawna," Heather says, continuing the tour, now stopping at the beach. "A good portion of your challenges will take place here, on the beach."

Suddenly, Heather's cell phone rings. She answers it. "Hello? Hello? I got the role!? Awesome! I have to go! I have my own reality T.V. series! YES! See you losers later!"

Chris sighs. "Okay.... well now, lets head into the hotel, which is this nice, four-story building here."

"Um, then how is that a hotel?" Sammy asks.

"It's a very large, nice house, there," Chris says. "Now, I'll break you up into two teams based on the colors of this mat. The following people need to go to the aquamarine mat: Anabel, Cato, Christian, Clayton, Clove, Elijah, Oriana, Rain, Serena, Stefano, and Yetta, leaving Edmond, Frenchie, Jacoby, Ludacris, Marissa, Marvel, Mockingjay, Peeta, Sammy, and Serena on the green mat. Aquamarine mat, I hereby dub you, The Adorable Dolphins!"

"We couldn't get a more, uh, manlier name?" Cato asks.

Chris smiles. "Nah, that'd be too much fun. Also, green mat, you're know The Horrifying Clams! Also, both teams will stay on Floor 4 for now. If you lose a challenge, you head down one floor to the nastiest floor, the ground floor. Now, you all can decide amongst yourselves who will be roommates. There is 10 rooms on each floor, for 22 contestants! How convenient!"

The camera flashes over to the 22 contestants deciding who to room with. Anabel walks up to Oriana and smiles, "Roommates?"

"Sure, I'd love to!" Oriana says excitedly.

Frenchie walks up to a distracted Peeta, whom is staring at Mockingjay. "Roommates?" Frenchie asks. "Oh yeah, sure." Peeta says warily.

Marissa walks up to Mockingjay and Serena and says, "Since there are 10 rooms, a group of three girls will have to be roommates. Want to be roommates?"

"Uh.. sure," Mockingjay hesitantly says. "I'd love to!" Serena says cheerfully.

"Hey bro, wanna be roommates?" Marvel asks Jacoby. Jacoby nods, and they walk into a room.

"Want to be roommates?" Hilary grimly says to Sammy.

"Uh, sure." Sammy says.

Cato and Christian are shown in a room and settle in. Cato finally breaks the silence, "Hey bro, we'd make a good final two!"

Christian falsely says, "Of course!"

Edmond walks over to Ludacris. "Ugh, I can't believe I have to be roommates with a sprag like you." he angrily says.

"Yo, yo, bro, I ain't no cheerful hoe." Ludacris raps. 

Rain walks up to Oriana and Yetta. "Hey, do you guys want to be like, roommates?" she says. They cheerfully nod and the three walk into a room.

Clayton walks over to Elijah and Stefano. "Looks like that leaves us three to be roommates, huh?" 

Elijah gasps, "Oh my gosh, a celebrity is talking to me! But yeah, I guess so! We should all form a final three alliance, or maybe final four with Oriana!" 

"I don't care, as long as Anabel goes first on our team," Christian says. "She is more clingy than Tanya Swift."

"Yes mi amigos, we will all be in the final three together!" says Stefano. 

Stefano (CONF): Of course I'm lying to that idiot. I have my eye on the prize, and I only need the female side of my team to do so. I will pick these losers off one by one.

Stefano's confessional goes to static and Chris is shown standing in front of the hotel. "Ooh, a great player, I love it! How will the teams work together or malfunction in the first challenge? Find out next time on: Total.... Drama.... Oahu!" He says, signing off the episode.

Chapter 2 - "It's The Climb"Edit

Chris McLean is shown standing in front of the Volcano Inn and looks into the camera. "Last time on Total Drama Oahu, we met our 22 brand-new contestants. Shortly afterwards, we divided them into two teams and they moved into a hotel. Who will rise? Who will fall? And who will make out in the middle of it all? Find out tonight, on Total.... Drama... Oahu!"

~~Theme Song~~

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