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Total Drama: Cruise Ship is a cruise-themed fanfiction, created by Nduke.

Overview Edit

After the dramatic ending of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, Chris McLean and Chef assemble 22 new contestants and pits them on a broken-down cruise ship where the will travel all around the world and compete in vigorous challenges in exotic locations. At the end of each challenge, one team will emerge victorious, while the other team must vote somebody off at the Lifevest Ceremony. If a contestant hears his or her name, they will be deemed safe, and will receive a lifevest. The eliminated contestant must walk off the "Plank of Shame" and land into the "Boat of Losers" and be driven back to shore. This cycle will continue until one person is left, where they will win the grand prize of $1,000,000.



Chris McLean - Total Drama: Cruise Ship Host

Chef Hatchet - Total Drama Cruise Ship Head Chef, Co-Host, and Assistant

Mika - Mika was hired at an open casting call, as she was initially meant to be part of the cast. Mika was later dropped from the cast, as the producers felt that she was too boring and wouldn't make any drama on television, so she was later hired as an intern by Chris.

Sunshine - Sunshine was found one day levitating by a producer of Total Drama, and they thought that she would be perfect to become an intern on the series. Sunshine was always a frontrunner, and was later hired to become an intern.


Alex (The Clueless Idiot) - Alex (The Clueless Idiot) - Alex (occasionally called Eros) is from Australia and is proud of it. He is 6ft 11 and often intimidates others by his height. He does boxing and is fit but he has difficulty picking up on hints. He auditioned to meet more people and has no interest whatsoever in the money. What he lacks in brain he makes up for in loyalty, If he says he's got your back he'll catch a grenade for you (actually happened once when he was out with his friends). He loves all animals but if a spider comes near him he will freak out and run. 

Alexandra (The Smart Model) - Alexandra, a 16-year old supermodel, is the daughter two celebrities and a forced model. Alexandra was forced to become a model as a child after his parents learned about her intelligence. Alexandra resents modeling, and wants to be recognized more as a pretty face. Alexandra signed up for Total Drama to expand her horizons.

Annie (The Crazy Chick) - Annie, recently-turned 16 year-old, has always been a crazy chick. Ever since she was three years old, Annie has had a passion of blowing things up and doing crazy things. Annie’s parents signed her up for Total Drama because they were tired of her blowing their mansions up.

April (The Sheltered Blonde Bombshell) -  April is often underestimated because of her looks. Though she appears to be a prissy blonde, she is actually a fierce competitor and always determined to achieve whatever she sets her mind to. April was born to a loving family in Texas, but in turn grew up sheltered from most of the world. Even having slightly ignorant views on other people, April auditioned for Total Drama: Cruise Ship to experience things that she never would without this opportunity. April hopes to learn more about herself, grow as a person and use the show to guide as well as pave the rest of her life. Hopefully the social skills learned throughout the season will not only help April in the game, but outside it as well.

Anthony (The Church Boy) - Anthony, a 16-year old kind, church boy, has always been a devout Christian and tries to consistently do the right thing. Anthony is well-liked by his peers and teachers, and hopes to use that to his advantage in the game, but still hopes to obtain good morals. Anthony signed up for Total Drama to win the cash prize to donate to his local church.

Bradley (The Washed-Up Child Star) - Bradley, now 18 years old, was a worshiped, child star in the early 2000s up until his show was randomly taken off the air due to budgetary cuts. Soon afterwards, Bradley began doing D-List movies that flopped in the theaters, so he began drinking and partying at a young age. Bradley’s publicist applied him for Total Drama to help rejuvenate his career.

Carol (The Soft-Spoken Sweetheart) -  Carol was born in 1992 to happily married parents. Growing up, Carol was always a quiet, kind girl, until she began dating her high school sweetheart, which later turned into a nightmare. He constantly abused her and she later broke up with him and he later died of cancer, which still haunts her. Carol signed up for Total Drama: Cruise Ship, hoping to gain her confidence back and possibly find a new love.

Chad (The Cliché Cool Guy) - Chad is handsome, smart, nice, good at sports and almost everything you think a cool person would be, too bad everyone thinks he is a total bore. Whenever Chad tries to make a friend they are bored of him in less than five minutes, there is such a thing as being too nice! Chad joined the show in order to make friends who will hopefully like him for who he is.

Charlie (The Douche) - Charlie is pretty much your quintessential douche, he wears snapbacks, beach tees, slide sandals with socks pulled up really high, listens to nothing but explicit hip-hop and rap, says stuff like "bro" and whatnot, owns an expensive car but never actually uses it and just keeps it in his driveway looking nice, and girls are frequently attracted to him because, obviously, girls are usually attracted to douches. He says he wants to solve world hunger if he wins Total Drama Cruise Ship, but everyone knows that he'll spend the money on a really expensive mansion and use it to woo girls.

Chelsea (The Nosy Computer-Nerd) - Chelsea used to live her life behind a computer desk, playing video games, designing, and finding out the most recent gossip. Eventually, her mother restricted her time on the computer, so she was forced to interact with people in her neighborhood. She's generally sweet around them, and tries to be nice, but all of her friends feel like she always tries to butt into their business, and always feel like she just won't leave them alone. They find that when she's at her computer, they get a break. However, they do still like her because she is always just trying to make them comfortable, even though is barely works. Her mother forced her to join Total Drama: Cruise Ship so she'd get out of the house, and meet new people who will appreciate her kindness, and ignore her nosiness. 

Daryl (The Loveable Redneck) -  Daryl was born in January 1991. Growing up in the south, Daryl was a very awkward, non-popular kid, and was always a very socially-inept kid. Once he got out of high school, his mother left and his father soon after died. Daryl now lives down south working in a factory. Daryl signed up for Total Drama to gather more survival skills.

Elissa (The Nice Girl) - Elissa was born in February 1996 to happily married parents. She was always taught growing up to be kind and nice, which Elissa excelled at, unlike her sister, who she later confirmed in an opening interview that she is competing alongside her. Elissa signed up for Total Drama to help ground her sister into becoming a better person, hoping to win some money along the way - with keeping her values and integrity.

Joey (The Jock) - Joey, a 16-year old jock, has only had one thing only in mind - sports. Joey has been a sports star and a jock ever since he was four years old and won the National T-Ball Championship. He is a popular member of his high school for being team captain of several sports teams. Joey signed up for Total Drama, positive that he will win the million dollars.

Johan-Amir (The Double-Dealer) - Johan-Amir is from the country of Ireland and prides himself on it, however, he only lived there for three years when he was born so now, at age eighteen, he knows almost nothing about Irish culture or heritage. Other than that, Johan-Amir is good with words, and knows how to get what he wants, he will make deals with everyone just to secure himself his wants and needs in the game. He will promise anything and everything, but turn his back on it later because he really just doesn't care about what other people want. He simply wants to help himself, and nobody else. He joined Total Drama Cruise Ship to win the money and let his name be known.

Kam (The Honest Manipulator) - Kam believes that honesty is key to any friendship, and lives to his beliefs. People admire him for his honest personality, no matter how brutal he may be to them. Because of this, he can easily manipulate people into doing his bidding, because they view him as someone they can trust. He joined Total Drama: Cruise Ship in order to use his personality to get people to carry him to the finals and ultimately the million dollars.

Lisa (The Gay Guy's BFF) - Lisa grew up with an open heart and an open mind! In school, she befriended a guy there (who happens to be gay) and they became best friends ever since. Ever since their friendship, every gay guy wants her to be their best friend. She's on the hefty side, wears a lightblue dress with a blue jean jacket, and black sandals and has blonde hair.

Norman (The Shy Boy) - Norman was always a very meek boy. He kept to himself, not talking to anyone when he didn't have to. He was always very socially awkward, and made fun f by his peers. One day, Norman's parents bought him a  journal. At first he was hesitant, but soon he loved to write in it, to write about his true feelings about things and people in his life. Norman now takes his journal everywhere, and never lets anyone else see it.

Rachel (The Cutthroat Competitor) - Rachel was born in July 1995 to happily married parents. Growing up, Rachel was always a fierce competitor in the sports volleyball and softball, and in school, she was the leader of the popular clique, as she is the polar opposite of her sister. Her sister, also being popular, is well liked and kind to everyone. Rachel’s sister signed up both of them up for Total Drama, thinking it could shape up Rachel’s attitude before heading off to college.

Raven (The Cocky Psychic)  Raven grew up having visions but not knowing what they were. When she tried to tell someone no one believed her. Now that she is older more people believe her. She may be a little cocky at times but she is a very caring, funny, fun-loving person. She hopes to make new friends by joining Total Drama.

Stewart (The Bookworm) - Stewart, a 16-year old, socially awkward, teenager, has always been a brilliant outcast. He has tried everything in his power to become popular and do sports, but has always failed, as all of the coaches told him to stick to the books, since Stewart has consistently gotten a 4.0 in every term of school he’s ever taken. Stewart signed up for Total Drama to become a more physical competitor.

Sylvia (The Socially-Inclined Strategist) - Sylvia was born into a very large family, with her being the youngest of ten. And because of that Sylvia became an extrovert whilst going through middle school. She loved all the attention she got from friends and family. At the start of High school she got to love the TV Show, Total Drama. Her favourite character being Heather because she was super smart and really strategic in season 1. She joined Total Drama to see if she can do just as good as her idol and possibly win the million with all her strategic ideas...

Terra (The Cheerleader) - Terra has long flowing brown hair and white skin. She has on a cheerleader's outfit and all that fun stuff. She auditioned to get her time in the spot light and win herself some money that she feels she deserves for being such an amazing person. Every day in the morning, she draws a heart on her cheek that represents her outlook or her emotions. If sad, the heart is broken and sometimes red. If happy, the heart is large and beating. If not feeling anything, the heart is moderately sized. She suffers from bi-polar disorder, which causes her to lose some friends sometimes which can depress her. She, however, is very active in her community at home and helps out in clubs and school charity events. Her motto is, "When the heart is gone, I'm gone," -- especially at night when she wipes it off and goes to sleep.


Chapter 1 - What Floats AheadEdit

Chris McLean is shown standing in front of a crappy yacht. He looked into the camera and cheerfully said, "And.. we're back! Bringing you another season of Total Drama! This season, we've assembled twenty-two all new competitors to sail around the world in this.... uh, nice cruise ship and compete in zany challenges in exotic countries. Who will rise? Who will fall? Who will be the biggest loser of them all? Find out the answers to all these questions and more on this season of.... Total... Drama... Cruise Ship!"

The theme song played, and the camera panned back over to Chris. "Welcome back, like I said earlier, we've casted twenty-two new competitors to battle it out on this yacht, which will sail all around the world. So who are our twenty-two newbies? Well here they come now!"

A large bus arrived right at the loading dock, accidentally running over Chef's foot. Many of the contestants began walking out of the bus, several arguing with each other. "You are beyond annoying and fake, all of you. I have this game in the bag." A girl with blonde hair said confidentally. 

Chris smiled, "Say hello to April!"

April shoved Chris out of the way to see the ship. "We're seriously going to be sailing around the world in this crappy ship?" She grumbled.

Chris brushed his pants off and said, "Uh.... yeah. Please say hello to Rachel!" 

A girl with a questionable dress and red hair walked out of the bus. "I CAME HERE TO WIN BITCHES, WATCH OUT!" She screamed.

A girl sharing some of the same features walked off the bus shortly after Rachel. "Calm down Rachel, you need to keep it low key." She whispered.

"Relax Elissa, we've got this game in the bag. Don't be so afraid." Rachel haughitly said. "We have to play fierce, we can't float like she will."

"Excuse me!?" April gasped. 

Chris smiled. A male with a cross around his neck walked off the bus. "Everyone, say hello to Anthony... he's rather, passionate about religion."

Anthony walked up to Elissa and shook her hand. "Hello, I'm Anthony. And you are?"

"Elissa." She murmured, returning the handshake. 

Rachel took Elissa's hand away from Anthony. "What?" Elissa asked. 

"Um hello!? He's the enemy." Rachel said angrily.

A girl dropped from the top of the bus. She popped her back and swiftly ran past the contestants and up to Chris. "Man, that was a fun bus ride, like this one time when I was at a family barbeque and my a twister hit and we sat outside and I twirled around like I was on a swing!" 

"Uh... that's nice, Annie." Chris said. He turned to the other contestants and whispered, "She's the crazy one."

April rolled her eyes. "No joke." 

Two more contestants - one male and one female, shuffled out of the bus. One tripped over the other, and they fall to the ground. "Would you mind getting OFF me?" The boy in a ripped t-shirt shirt and boots said, struggling to get back up. 

"Oh, sorry.." The girl said.

"Carol, Daryl, go over that-a-way!" Chris says, pointing towards the other contestants. 

Carol smiled and put her hand out, "It's nice to meet you, Daryl."

"Yeah whatever." Daryl muttered. 

Another male and female walked out of the bus. They glared at each other and walked towards the other contestants. The boy, sounding irritated, said, "Maybe invest in some toothpaste?"

"I do, you should try showering at some point, you smell like an Irish pub." The girl retorted.

"Johan-Amir and Sylvia, what's up?" Chris interrupted. Sylvia walked past Chris and didn't acknowledge him, and pulled out a cell phone.

Johan-Amir walked over to Elissa and smiled, "Hey, I'm Johan-Amir, but you call me Jo or Johan."

"Hey Johan, I'm Elissa!" Elissa said enthusiastically. Rachel grabs Elissa by the arm.

"What?" Elissa asked. 

Rachel rolled her eyes, "Hello? He's an enemy, not a friend. No matter how 'friendly' he may act, his kind of guy are always trouble."

Elissa sighed, "Not every guy is bad, Rach'."

The camera shifted over to a boy with a navy polo shirt and cargo shirts who walked out of the bus. He showed his blinding-white smile to the fellow contestants and said, "Hey everyone, I'm Kam!"

"Hey Kam, what's--" Chris was cut off.

"Up? Down? Below? Above? Next To? Regardless, not much Chris." Kam quickly said.

Two more girls piled out of the bus. The first girl began cheering, but was later cut off, "It's alright, it's okay, we gonna beat those Gophers T-O-D-A-Y--" 

The second girl with black hair and glasses quizzitively looked at the contestants and accidentally ran into the first. "Oops, sorry, Terra is it?"

Terra looked annoyed, "Yes, if you'd excuse me."

Chris looked bored, "Everyone, welcome, Chelsea and Terra... yay."

Chelsea walked up to Anthony and shook his hand, "Hi, Chelsea Mauer, nice to meet you."

Anthony bowed, "Nice to meet you Chelsea, I'm Anthony."

Terra coughed on Sylvia, "Hi, I'm Terra, oops sorry!"

"Ew, you are-----not a problem at all, I'm Sylvia!" Sylvia reluctantly said. She hugged Terra and they chatted. 

Rachel whispered to Elissa, "That girl Sylvia, don't trust her. She is more shady than an umbrella." 

Three more contestants walked out of the bus. Chris smiled, "Alex, Alexandra, and Stewart, what is up?!"

"What...?" Alex asked, looking confused. He sat his bag on Stewart's foot, causing him to fall over. "Oh, sorry," Alex muttered. 

Stewart brushed himself off, "Not a problem, Alex. I'm Stewart, nice to meet you."

Alexandra sat there quietly until Kam walked up to her. She whispered, "Uh, hi..."

"Hey there, Alexandra. I'm Kam, it's nice to meet you." Kam introduced.

Kam (CONF): Okay, A) She is hot, and B) She'll be TOO easy to manipulate.

Three more contestants walked out of the bus. "Say hello to....Bradley, Charlie, and Joey!" Chris said, shuffling several cue cards. 

"YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE EVEN SHOWN UP, CAUSE CHARLIE'S GONNA WIN!" Charlie shouted, annoying the contestants. 

"Yeah right, I'm the one that's gonna win." Rachel haughtily said. 

Joey jumped on top of Charlie, "Correction, I'M GONNA WIN BOIII!" 

A slightly-drunken Bradley stumbled out of the bus. He dazily smiled at the others and laughed, "You all look funny to me, heh."

Chelsea gasped, "Oh my god, it is former child star Bradley Perry!" 

"I love Bradley Berry!" Alex excitedly said. 

Alexandra rolled her eyes, "Um Alex, it's the actor Bradley Perry, not the Poppyseed Avenue character."

"Plus, who liked Bradley Berry as a kid?" April added.

Alex (CONF): It's normal that I still watch Poppyseed Avenue and I am 16, right?

The last four contestants awkwardly shuffled out of the bus. "I predict victory for myself and only myself, I've got my eye on the prize!" A girl shouted.

"Time will tell, Raven," Chris said. "Any rebuttal Norman?"

Norman shrugged and walked past Chris. Lisa giggled, "He's not much of a talker around large groups."

"Okay," Chris murmured, looking irritated. "Come on out, final contestant.... Chad!"

A tall, handsome boy walked out of the bus and smiled at the other contestants. He said, "Hey, guys, what's up?" 

"Wow, he looks so exciting." April sarcastically said. 

"Now that everyone is here, it's time to split you up into two teams, if I call your name, walk over to the red mat," Chris said. "Annie, April, Bradley, Chad, Chelsea, Joey, Johan-Amir, Kam, Rachel, Raven, and Stewart, I hereby dub you The Killer Floaters!" 

Rachel gasped, "Hold it! I'm not a floater!"

"Eh, from the view of those flabby ankles, I'd beg to differ." Annie said. "More like fatty," April corrected. 

"What is your opinion, Miss Psychic?" Rachel asked Raven. Raven shrugged and walked away. 

Chris interrupted them. "Anyways, that leaves Alex, Alexandra, Anthony, Carol, Charlie, Daryl, Elissa, Lisa, Norman, Sylvia, and Terra on The Screaming Sailors." 

Sylvia raised her hand. "Can we board the ship now?" 

Chris shrugged. "Why not. Everyone, follow me up the ladder!" 

The contestants and Chris walked up the ladder and stood on the deck. Chris announced, "This is the deck where you can relax in your downtime on the ship."

Chad nudged Bradley. "Looks like fun, huh!?"

Bradley paid no attention. "Huh? Did someone say somethin'?"

Chelsea and Raven were shown walking together. Raven whispered to her. "I can already tell Bradley will be a liability, I can see it."

Chelsea looked at Bradley. "Well, he could use some shaping up, but he is still fixable."

Chelsea (CONF): Obviously he is not fixable, but I don't like Raven or her attitude, plus her ability to see into the future gives her an unfair advantage. We need to get rid of her soon.

Chris led the contestants inside the ship. "This hallway consists of your rooms. There's five suites, two for each team, and the other is for the winnning team. The boys will share one suite, while the girs share the other." 

Sylvia rolled her eyes. "You actually expect to stay in a suite with five other girls?"

Lisa clapped her hands. "Yay! We can have slumber parties every night!"

Kam shrugged. "Eh, it won't be too bad, although sharing a room with Mr. Drunk over here won't be too soothing to my senses."

Chris continued, "Follow me into the lobby, where the Lifevest Ceremony will take place each episode."

Rachel looked around. "Like I'll ever be in here, but if I am, Floaters, you better grab a lifevest!"

Chris laughed. "Funny you mention that Rachel, because in this season, a lifevest can save you from elimination. If your team loses, you must report to the Lifevest Ceremony where you all will go into your respective booth and vote using the decagon and turn it to the name of the contestant you want to be voted off. If you don't receive a lifevest, you'll fall through the floor and into the Float of Losers, and you'll be driven to shore on our most recent foreign location."

Rachel scoffed. "As if, my team won't ever be in here, so I won't need any lifevests, they just help you float along in the game."

The scene shifted over to the contestants back on the deck. Chris announced, "We've reached our first destination... welcome to Paris everybody!"

Alexandra shrugged. "Been there, done that."

Chelsea muttered. "Ugh, she is beyond annoying."

Sylvia pulled Alexandra and Terra aside. She looked intensely at them and said. "Look, if we all stay loyal to each other, we can make the final three. Are you guys in or out?"

Alexandra and Terra both shrugged. Sylvia smiled, "Great, then that means we're all in! Final three, here we come!"

Suddenly, the boat stopped and the contestants look around at each other. Chris announced, "We've reached out first internation destination....Paris!"

Lisa squealed. "Paris!? Eeeeee!" 

Chris turned back to the contestants. "For today's challenge you have to run to the Eifel Tower, where you will climb up the tower and retrieve your team flag, and slid back down the other side and cross the finish line. Every single member on your team must cross the finish line first."

Joey chuckled. "Please, this is child's play!"

Chris looked and the contestants and then paused. "Ready.... set........ GO!"

The contestants slid down the ladder, with Stewart accidentally falling into the water. Joey pulled him out the water and rolled his eyes. "You really need more muscle, now come on!" 

April and Rachel are shown shoving each other out of the way. Rachel pulled April's hair and threw her down. "Get out of my way, ain't nobody coming inbetween me and my million!"

April brushed herself off and began climbing. As she climbed, she began speaking to Rachel. "If you haven't noticed, we're on the same team for now, but if we lose, can we agree to work this one time to vote off Joey? He's a jock and he has no sense whatsoever, kind of like you."

Rachel rolled her eyes, "As if, I don't date mindless morons, that seems like your department, you guys share the same IQ."

Charlie, Lisa, Norman, and Sylvia are shown arriving at the tower, and began climbing. The four began climbing, and Charlie looked at the three. "Look, if us four team strong people team up, the others don't stand a chance, and if they vote me off, they lose our muscle and beauty departments." 

Lisa shrugged. "Eh, maybe, but how do I know I can trust you? You seem pretty full of yourself---woah!"

Charlie grabbed Lisa's arm and pulled her back up. He winked at her and the four nodded in agreement. 

Sylvia (CONF): This is perfect! I have the majority of my team, and I can control both Alexandra and Terra's votes, plus Charlie, Lisa, and Norman's! I've only been here an hour and I'm already ruling this game!

The screen shifted over to Carol, Daryl, and Elissa climbing the tower. The three were shown laughing as they climbed. 

Carol looked over at Daryl and Elissa intently. "Look, if us three stick together, we have a fighting chance!"  Daryl scoffed. "Why should I work with you two? Hell, I don't want to work with anyone."

Elissa was shown doing yoga on the tower. "Well, to be fair, you will kind of find some spot in the team to not be voted out first."

Daryl reluctantly patted them both on the back seperately. "Fine, we have a deal, but I make the decisions for now, okay?"

The screen shifted over to Bradley, Joey, and Stewart. Joey smacked the other two. "Come on you two, you're the weakest links on the team so you have the most to prove, go, go, go, go!"

Stewart began panting. "Ugh, are you sure we can't just walk this one?" Joey picked up Stewart with a drunken Bradley following. Joey screamed, "We are going to win this challenge, go, go, go!"

Bradley was shown climbing drunkenly past the other contestants and along the way, he grabbed the flag and fell off on the other side. He landed onto a mat and crossed the finish line. He laughed, "Heh, guys I got the flag!"

Johan-Amir and Kam climbed quickly past the others and hopped off the other side and landed onto the safety mat. They both cheered and ran past the finish line. 

Chris announced. "Three members of the Floaters have finished, while zero have finished for the Sailors!"

Sylvia grabbed the flag and smiled. "Finally, now hurry up Sailors, hurry up! Woooo!" 

Charlie, Lisa, Norman, and Sylvia all landed on the safety mat and ran across the finish line. Charlie high-fives Norman, but he awkwardly looks away. Charlie scoffed. "Okay, way to go Silent Stan."

Lisa nudged Norman. "Why did you ignore him?"

Raven magically popped out of nowhre at the finish line. Chris announced, "It's all tied up, four contestants have crossed the finish line each.

Joey was shown at the top of the tower and threw Stewart off the top. He laughed, and then tripped off. "Stewart, you are so the first to gooooooooooo!"

Everyone gasped as Joey landed on top of Stewart. Joey picked up Stewart and ran across the finish line, scoring once again. Carol, Daryl, and Elissa followed quickly after. 

Chris announced. "And with that, the Sailors are in the lead with seven against the Floaters, who have six!"

The camera shifted over to Alex, Annie, Anthony, and Chelsea, who were in the middle of the first side. Annie reached the top and shouted, "Look out below, wooooo-hoooooo!"

Alex giggled, "She fell off, how------wooooooahhh!" 

Chef and Chris let out a huge laugh, with Alex and Annie both crashing the finish line.

Chris announced, "The score is now eight to--------make that ten to nine, with the Sailors in the lead!"

Chelsea jumps off the tower and screamed. "This is highly illogical!" 

Chris announced, "Ten to ten, we have a tie, this will decide it right here!" 

Chad and Terra are shown at the top of the tower. Terra smiled at Chad and looked around. "Well, it looks like this is it.."

Chad swallowed. "Yeah..... haha, after you.." He accidentally pushed her off the edge, with him shortly following.

Terra screamed. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Chad, you are dead!"

Chad and Terra both landed on the mat, and made their way for the finish line. Chris gasped. "And the winner is..........."

A hand reached across the finish line, which is revealed to be Terra's. Chris smiled. "The Screaming Sailors win!"

The Sailors cheered, while the Floaters exchanged glances at each other. Chris announced, "Floaters, I'll see you at the Lifevest Ceremony tonight, were one of you will be eliminated."

The screen shifted over to the Lifevest Ceremony, with each contestant in their respective booth. Chris looked at the ten contestants. "Remember, turn your decagon to the name of the contestant you want to be eliminated. You must now vote."

The contestants locked in their votes, and Chris held up an electronic device. "Okay, if you get a lifevest, that means you are safe. First of all, I will read off the names of the nine contestants that received 0 votes: Johan-Amir, Kam, Rachel, Chelsea, Annie, Chad, Raven, and surprisingly..... April!" 

April caught her lifevest. "What do you mean surprisingly?!"

Bradley, Joey, and Stewart all looked at each other nervously. Chris hands Bradley a lifevest, leaving Joey and Stewart. 

Chris announced. "Joey and Stewart, both of you sit on the block for different reasons. Joey, you threw a teammate off the edge of one of the tallest landmarks in the world, and Stewart, you're one of the weakest links. The final marshmallow goes to...........................






..........Stewart! Joey, it's time to go. Any final words?"

Joey stood up. "You bet! My teammates are a bunch of morons! Wooooooooah!" 

Chris held a button as Joey fell through the boat. "And with that, the first episode has wrapped up. Tune in next time to see what happens on Total.... Drama.... Cruise Ship!" 

Elimination TableEdit


  1. April
  2. Rachel
  3. Elissa
  4. Anthony
  5. Annie
  6. Daryl
  7. Carol
  8. Johan-Amir
  9. Sylvia
  10. Kam
  11. Terra
  12. Chelsea
  13. Alex
  14. Alexandra
  15. Stewart
  16. Bradley
  17. Charlie
  18. Joey
  19. Raven
  20. Norman
  21. Lisa
  22. Chad


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