Total Drama: All Starsis a reimagining fanfiction, created by Nduke.


After the dramatic ending of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Chris McLean and Chef bring back 22 of the biggest all-stars in Total Drama history. At the end of each challenge, one team will emerge victorious, while the other team must vote somebody off at the Bonfire Ceremony. If a contestant hears his or her name, they will be deemed safe, and will receive a marshmallow. The eliminated contestant must walk off the "Dock of Shame" and land into the "Boat of Losers" and be driven to Playa de Losers. This cycle will continue until one person is left, where they will win the grand prize of $1,000,000.



Chris McLean - Total Drama: All Stars Host

Chef Hatchet - Total Drama: All Stars Head Chef, Co-Host, and Assistant


  • Alejandro - Season 3 - 2nd Place
  • Blaineley - Season 3 - 6th Place
  • Cameron - Season 4 - 2nd Place
  • Courtney - Season 1 - 14th Place, Season 2 - 3rd Place, Season 3 - 7th Place
  • Dakota - Season 4 - 7th Place 
  • Duncan - Season 1 - 4th Place, Season 2 - Winner, Season 3 - 5th Place
  • Ezekiel - Season 1 - 22nd Place & Season 3 - 18th Place
  • Gwen - Season 1 - 2nd Place, Season 2 - 12th Place, Season 3 - 9th Place
  • Harold - Season 1 - 13th Place, Season 2 - 5th Place, Season 3 - 17th Place
  • Heather - Season 1 - 3rd Place, Season 2 - 9th Place, Season 3 - Winner 
  • Izzy - Season 1 - 7th Place, Season 3 - 10th Place, Season 3 - 13th Place
  • Jo - Season 4 - 5th Place
  • Leshawna - Season 1 - 5th Place, Season 2 - 8th Place, Season 3 - 15th Place
  • Lightning - Season 4 - Winner
  • Lindsay - Season 1 - 9th Place, Season 2 - 6th Place, Season 3 - 14th Place
  • Mike - Season 4 - 6th Place
  • Noah - Season 1 - 21st Place & Season 3 - 11th Place
  • Owen - Season 1 - Winner, Season 2 - 4th Place, Season 3 - 8th Place 
  • Scott - Season 4 - 4th Place
  • Sierra - Season 3 - 4th Place
  • Trent - Season 1 - 11th Place & Season 2 - 13th Place
  • Zoey - Season 4 - 3rd Place

Chapters Edit

Prologue: Where Are They Now?Edit

Josh of Celebrity Manhunt was shown standing on a stage in front of a studio audience. He turned around at the camera and said, "Welcome to the fifth season of Total Drama!" He gasped for some air and then spoke again, "This season, we're bringing back 21 returning contestants who we thought played the best games in Total Drama history. So who are they? What have they been up to since the past year? Let's find out in these special pre-season interviews. The contestants will discuss mistakes in their previous gameplay and how they may want to play this season. Here's the first four returning contestants, give a warm welcome to..... Alejandro, Blaineley, Heather, and Scott!"

The four contestants walked out on the stage one-by-one. Alejandro got a brief applause, Blaineley received fruits thrown at her, Heather received a loud cheer, and Scott received total silence. Josh laughed, "Well those were some interesting responses from the audience, don't you think Blaineley?" 

"As if," Blaineley said, brushing off some smashed pear off her shoes, "I've seen better introductions at a senior-citizen center. My manager was fired after that appearance."

Heather rolled her eyes, "What career do you have? Celebrity Manhunt fired you, you got voted off after two episodes last time and you made zero friends. Even I have better social skills than you."

"True," Josh snickered. "Alejandro, what have you been up to since the finale in Hawaii?"

Alejandro angrily looked at Josh. "Well, after I was scorched from the volcano, I got surgery and I woke up about three months ago. Then I've been plotting my moves if I were to ever return."

"Oooh, juicy." Josh laughed. "Want to give us some insight?"

"Not now, soon, everyone will see it." Alejandro laughed.

"Oh please, if you call womanizing Bridgette, Courtney, Leshawna, and Lindsay strategy, then you really don't have a fully-functioning brain. Leshawna is too gullible and Lindsay is Lindsay." Heather scoffed.

"Oh please. My strategy last season was genius, up until Ffffff--ang got to me." Scott said, letting out several chills in the process.

"As if, if I could return to Celebrity Manhunt I would. But I was not about to take a smaller salary for my contract. Canada needs and deserves to see all of this." Blaineley said, motioning to all of her body.

"Yeah, all one-hundred and forty pounds." Heather said. Alejandro, Josh, and Scott all snickered.

Josh turned over to Heather, "So Heather, what was your reason to return for another season?"

Heather rolled her eyes, "Duh, it's obvious. I won that money fair and square and that Freak-Zeke stole it from me."

Josh laughed, "So Blaineley, what is the scoop on your firing from that Talk show after two episodes?"

"What!? Actually, my lawyers got me out of that contract. I was not about to deal with Chenbot hosting next to me and having her try to host the show." Blaineley retorted.

"Well, we look forward to watching the four of you on the show, go walk over to the Peanut Gallery and you get to eat snacks." Josh said, pointing to backstage.

"Ugh, that was SO not a good interview. I should be interviewing, but hey, with a million bucks, I can buy as many talk shows as I want!" Blaineley deviously said.

Josh smiled at the camera, "Now, these next four contestants are all fan-favorites. She's loud and proud, welcome back, Leshawna!"

Leshawna walked onto the stage and got a roar of applause from the audience. "Hey, ya'll!" She shouted.

"Next up, he's nerdy and somewhat flirty, it's Harold!" Josh smiled. Harold walked onto the stage and attempted a karate move, to be dragged across the stage by Leshawna. "Come on fool," Leshawna whispered.

"She's dim-witted with a big heart, say hey to Lindsay!" Josh said excitedly.

Lindsay was shown with her back to the audience scratching her head. She whispered to Sierra, "Wait... where's the audience?"

Sierra turned Lindsay around. "There, Lindsay." She smiled.

"Welcome back, our Total Drama blogger, Sierra!" Josh exclaimed.

"Eeeee, it's so great to be back!" Sierra giggled.

The four returning contestants sat down, and Josh said, "So how does it feel to be back? Leshawna, what have you been up to since season three?"

"It is great to be back, I'm in it to win, ya'll! But I've been going to school and I have a secret romance at home! Hey boo!" Leshawna yelled. Harold sighed.

"What's wrong, Horace?" Lindsay asked.

Sierra gasped and took out her phone. "Oh my gosh, Leshawna and Harold are finally over, the Total Drama fans are not going to be pleased with this!"  

Leshawna took Sierra's phone and threw it into the audience. "Gurl, there was no Harold and I to begin with."

"Lindsay, any updates on your modeling career?" Josh excitedly asked.

"Oh thanks Jonah, but none yet, I'm going to college on a cheerleading scholarship!" Lindsay proudly said.

"Well, we look forward to watching all four of you compete on the newest season of Total Drama. Good luck to all of you,"  Josh said. "Now, meeting our next four returnees: they've been sworn enemies since Season 4 when they both vyed for the physical dominance role, welcome back, Jo and Lightning!"

Jo and Lightning both ran onto the stage. Jo laughed, "I won, I got onto the stage first!"

Lightning ran over to the chair and sat down. "Well I sat down first, beat that!" 

"Uh.." Josh said. "Also back, MPD Mike and Zoey!"

Mike and Zoey entered the stage holding hands and waving to the audience. They retrieve their seats next to Jo, and sit down. "Thanks for that awesome intro, Josh!" Mike said. 

"No problem Mike! How do you and Zoey stand?" Josh asked. He eased over towards Mike and Zoey, who both looked at each other. 

"Uh, we're dating I guess." Zoey giggled. She blushed and Mike kissed her cheek. The audience cheered and the camera panned over to Jo and Lightning. "So Jo, what has life been like since Total Drama?" Josh asked.

"Oh please, it's been great!" Jo sarcastically laughed.

"As if, you got released from all of your sports teams and Lightning got on all of them!" Lightning said snidely.

"Actually, it was my choice to leave the teams. You were their second choice!" Jo retorted. 

"Well, it should be an interesting season with you four back on, see you all on the show," Josh awkwardly said. "Let's welcome our next three returnees: Izzy, Noah, and Owen!"

"Ahhhhhh," Noah and Owen screamed in unison. "Izzy is crazier than ever," Noah said. Izzy hopped out onto the stage and laughed, "Hahaha, sorry guys. Haven't you ever just set something on fire? It's sooooo much fun, wew!"

"Come on over here, guys!" Josh shouted. Izzy, Noah, and Owen sat down in the three chairs.

"So Noah, what have you been up to since Season 3?" Josh asked.

"Um, nothing really," Noah replied to him. "He's been dating a girl!" Izzy giggled.  


  • Group 1: Alejandro, Blaineley, Heather, & Scott
  • Group 2: Harold, Leshawna, Lindsay, & Sierra
  • Group 3: Jo, Lightning, Mike, & Zoey
  • Group 4: Izzy, Noah, & Owen
  • Group 5: Cameron & Dakota'  
  • Group 6: Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, & Trent

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