Chapter 2 - We're Bringing Wawanakwa Back, Yeah!Edit

Chris McLean was shown standing on the deck of the S.S. McLean and he began to announce, "Last time on Total Drama: Cruise Ship, we introduced to you our twenty-two brand new competitors. Many friends, enemies, and alliances were formed and somewhat broken already. The teams were soon divided into two teams of 11; The Screaming Sailors and The Killer Floaters, and in our first challenge, we cruised to Paris were the two teams had to climb up the Eifel Tower and retrieve their team flag, slide down the other side and cross the finish line. The Screaming Sailors were successful, and The Killer Floaters booted Joey for not being a team player and a jerk. 21 remain, and who will be hit and voted off on Total... Drama... Cruise Ship!" 

The episode started off with The Screaming Sailors in the two victory suites. The girls were shown sitting in the spa getting massages. 

Carol sunk in her seat. "Ah, this is the life!" 

Lisa looked at Alexandra, Sylvia, and Terra laughing. "Ugh, I don't trust her, she's so shady."

Elissa shrugged. "She seems nice to me, but I don't know."

Lisa rolled her eyes. "Do you have a bad though about anybody?"

The screen shifted over to Alexandra, Sylvia, and Terra talking while they got their nails done. Sylvia looked at Carol, Elissa, and Sylvia and turned back around. "One of those three is so the first to go on our team."

Alexandra looked at Sylvia. "Can you explain why? They're all really nice and sweet."

Sylvia smiled back at Alexandra. "Because, sweet and nice doesn't win you first place, you know what they say, nice guys finish last." 

Terra stopped Sylvia. "Being nice may not get you first place, but it does get you respect and love. Maybe you should try it instead of being a stone-cold bitch."

All of the girls gasped, including Terra. Alexandra and Sylvia both got up and walked out the room, leaving the girls in utter silence. Finally, Carol broke the silence. "Look Terra, don't be aligned with someone that you are fearful of. If you team up with us three, we can take Sylvia down."

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