Revenge is a fan-fiction series about a teenager named Gerard Garcia who avenges his parents' and younger siblings' deaths, destroying the people that caused their deaths. This television series wrapped up production in 2013, and is expected to air through spring 2013 with 20 episodes. The network also renewed it for another 13-episode season, which was later increased to 26 episodes.


Series Regulars:Edit

Recurring Cast:Edit

Season 1Edit

Season Episode # Episode # Title Air Date
1 1 Pilot April, 2013
2 2 Intrigue April, 2013
3 3 Intuition April, 2013
4 4 Chaos Spring 2013
5 5 Aftermath Spring 2013
6 6 Eustress May 4, 2013
7 7 Distress May 11, 2013
8 8 Penance May 18, 2013
9 9 TBA May 25, 2013
10 10 TBA June 1, 2013
11 11 Sacrifice June 8, 2013
12 12 Grief June 15, 2013
13 13 Reckoning June 22, 2013


Episode 1- "Pilot"Edit

The opening scene shows a flashback showing a teenager with dark brown hair laying in a hospital bed. A teenager containing the same looks sat next to his bedside. The teenager sitting next to the bedside says, "G.G., I don't know if you can hear me, but if you can, you're in a coma after a car explosion. Mom, Dad, Keyshia, and Uncle Shawn died, but Uncle Sean and us survived."

Suddenly, a gunman rushes into the room, shoots the teen next to the bedside, and moves onto the next room. Suddenly, Gerard wakes up, and hears gunshot noises, and looks down. He rushes out of his hospital bed and whispers, "Oh my god, Avery, Avery? Are you alive?"

He feels for the pulse, but cannot find it. He tears up, and hears footsteps. He jumps back into the bed, and plays comatose. The gunman exits a building, and Gerard wakes back up. The flashback ends, and the scene turns into modern day. 

"Well, thank you for selling me the house, Mr. Chiles." says Gerard. He shakes his hand, and closes the door. He has a devious smile on his face, and opens a box containing the letter on the top of it. He opens it, and inside are several photos of his deceased family. He looks through them, and angrily slams the box shut. A knock comes to the door, and a girl is standing in the doorway.  

"Hello, I'm Sunshine Brooks, your new neighbor." says Sunshine cheerfully. G.G. recognizes her as the girl he was in love with when they were teenagers before he fell into a coma.

"Hey Sunshine, I'm G.G." says Gerard.

"Nice to meet you, G.G.," says Sunshine with a slight snicker. "Anyways, why'd you move to the Bahamas?"

"Just needed to get away, and I thought it would be peaceful here," said Gerard. "Plus, I've done a lot of relocating in my past."

"Oh, do your parents live here, as well?" asks Sunshine.

"No, they died in a car crash along with my siblings and uncle seventeen years ago." says Gerard grimly. He glares at Sunshine, and slams the door shut.


  • This show is based off of the ABC Drama, Revenge.

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